Increase your digital mindset


Inspire. Realize. Activate. Three phases in the transformation to a digital future. Where can we make the biggest impact within your organization? After years of experience with various clients, we know that an approach is often customized, focused on tangible goals. Not getting stuck for too long, but doing things together. Scaling up and adjusting with new insights and experiences. Read here how we can help you in every phase of your digital transformation.


What opportunities exist for you?

We look externally, we look ahead and sometimes we look back. From technological developments to societal challenges. What is relevant for your organizationLet us inspire you with the latest trends and insights on data, digitalization, innovation and sustainability. Our lessons learned will help you catch up and accelerate.   

Our experts
  • Inspiration trips
  • You don’t need to go to Silicon Valley or China for a peek behind the scenes of the experts. Inspiration within and outside of your sector can often be found much closer to home. We take you to discover how frontrunners innovate. How do they deal with the trends, opportunities, issues and challenges that are also relevant to your organization? This will keep you abreast of possible changes the future may bring, you’ll gain insight into what these changes could mean for your organization, and help you inspire your colleagues to focus on the future.  

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  • Talks
  • We believe that growth comes from inspiration. New insights create drive, a broader view and energy. This is what you will leave with after a Talk. With a considerable track record in various sectors, we bring unique knowledge, developments, new insights and know how to translate those into what is relevant for your organization. 

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  • Knowledge sessions
  • We organize interactive online sessions of 45 minutes in which knowledge from internal experts, possibly supplemented by market research and external speakers, is transferred to colleagues. What is happening around us? What choice do we make? What are our competitors doing? In this way we aim that your colleagues have the same level of knowledge in order to make the right choices together.


From words to actions.

The ambition is clear and you know where you want to go as an organization. But sometimes that speck on the horizon is not sharp yet and the number of roads to it seems endless. When do you know you have achieved success? How can you translate this within all the different parts of an organization? We help you clarify the goal and the route to give direction and accelerate the transformation.   


Our Shapers have been involved in countless transformations within organizations. Our approach is pragmatic and solution-oriented, always making the speck on the horizon manageable. We often help organizations with the entire change process, but we also offer guidance on specific components. For example, in learning new ways of working or the adoption of (new) systems and technology.  

Our experts
  • Program & project management
  • Working with programs is a good way to jointly tackle complex, temporary and goal-oriented transformation assignments. With direction and steering, we ensure focus, coherence and positive energy to make the desired impact. After all, adjusting and accelerating fits well into these times when change seems to be the only constant.   


    We can guide both the entire program and parts or (projects) within it. We learn and adapt. Step by step, we work in co-creation towards concrete and tangible goals. The dot on the horizon, remember?

  • Change management
  • Digital transformation is driven by technology, its success is determined by people. This aspect is often underestimated but can make or break a transformation. We understand people and we understand technology. Our strength is connecting the two.  


    We map the impact of change on your organization and employees and draw up an action plan. For example, by effectively deploying leadership, involving the (right) departments, aligning KPIs and streamlining communication.   

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  • Leadership development
  • We guide the leaders. Because they play a crucial role during transformations. Not just by setting a good example, but by actively creating support, indicating urgency and communicating clearly and consistently. On one hand, we offer tangible tools to use the role of leader as efficiently as possible. On the other, we continue to challenge and inspire on vision, developments and impact for the organization 


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Building a digital playground  

Innovation is not ‘top of mind’ for everyone. But without awareness of the opportunities and possibilities, new technology will remain on the shelf. What a pity that would be. So, it is high time to work on the digital mindset of your employees. How? By making it fun 


Learning new skills requires adaptability, which is often perceived as exciting. By casting new digital themes in game form and exploring these in groups, team members are not addressed on what they can or can’t do, but playfully stimulated to step out of their comfort zone. Our workshops and games are instructive, interactive and contain the right dose of fun, making them highly suitable as teambuilding activities.   

Our experts
  • Event: Succes gallery
  • Often there are more successful projects within the organization than people realize. Therefore, we facilitate a lunch market, where various internal best practices are presented to colleagues in just 7 minutes. This way you celebrate successes together and inspire others to similar behavior!

  • Workshop: Design thinking
  • Learn to think in terms of solutions and innovation. Design Thinking is practical and creative and can be used for big issues like sustainability to smaller challenges like adjustments to products or services or developing new propositions

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  • Workshop: Working with data
  • Data is fun. Especially if you understand what you can do with it. In this data workshop, we teach you how to set up a data study. How can data contribute to your organization’s strategic issues

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  • Gamification: Space Innovation Battle
  •  Make it fun. We challenge participants to playfully discover the possibilities and opportunities of technology. For this, we use game techniques and design to ensure that people are stimulated to go the extra mile.


    Space innovation Battle 

    Looking for an original idea for a team day out? In our Space Innovation Battle, our astronauts take your team on a space journey. In one hour, you and your colleagues will learn about different applications of innovation in a playful way. In this way, we come up with solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.  

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  • Gamification: Digital Escape Room
  • Do you want to enthuse people about digital technology ? Or have them practice a new way of working? The Digital Escape Room is fully tailored to your team’s issue and is particularly suitable for a team day. 

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“Digital Shapers is able to put together a programme in a short time that is educational, interactive and creative. On the day itself, they take everything off your hands and you can rest assured that the content of the event is right and that there is a “fun” element to it. Thank you!


Kristel Breukers – Talent Development Manager at Pon


“We were already aware of the power of an inspiration trip and this time we chose to do it under the guidance of Digital Shapers. I am very pleased with the professionalism and care of everything down to the last detail. Very interesting speakers, well facilitated, beautiful locations and got incredibly inspired by the varied program. For us, the goal of the trip was to connect. We picked up a number of initiatives upon returning home and now know how to find and support each other.”

Kim Bosman – Director Innovation, Digitalisation and Technology at Woonstad Rotterdam

“Digital Shapers helped us better understand digital talent to become even more attractive as an employer. With the help of clear guidance, the project went smoothly. With creativity, a critical eye and bursting of energy, the Shapers provided valuable insights. We are very satisfied with the result of the collaboration.”

Nadine Beister – HR Directeur at HEMA

“They sense what a group needs, dare to be challenging and hold up a mirror to people. The structure of the program was solid and clear. The combination of courage, knowledge and energy make you think and at the same time invite you to get started.”

Bernd Knuvers – Head of Shared Sales at T-Mobile

“Digital Shapers has helped us in an excellent way to lift the digital strategy of the Drechtsteden region to a higher level. Full of fresh energy, a clear structure was established and new opportunities were identified that contribute to our ambition to further strengthen and position the Digital Mainport Drechtsteden. The project was professionally guided, expectations were clear and all stakeholders were involved.”

Maarten Burggraaf – Councillor Economy, Finance and Events at EDB

“Digital Shapers consists of a team of congenial and efficient people. Throughout the project they always provided adequate advice. The Shapers quickly got to the point which was very valuable.”

Esther van der Velden – Global Marketing Director at Keune Haircosmetics

“Refreshing approach, continuously linking to practice. People feel part of the process, they get a sense of what is next.”

Jan-Paul van den Bosch – General Director at Mourik Holding

“The involved Shapers were very nice to work with, thought out of the box, had a positive attitude, were easy to reach and were hard workers. They have a huge drive to deliver cool results. They really help you package content in a fun and informative way. In short, I am very excited about Digital Shapers and definitely recommend them!”

Anouk van Dijken– Digital Change Manager at Royal Schiphol Group

“They look at each situation to see what is specifically needed. They really put people first and are creative in how they allow new solutions to be experienced.”

Simone van Neerven – Innovation Director at Vueling

“Shapers are smart and friendly, with a proactive mindset. They work hard, look closely at the team, aiming to “get things done” and interact well with both internal and external stakeholders.”

Maarten Mackaaij – Head of Sales Support ERIKS

“Digital Shapers did an excellent job in helping us launch and guide our digital transformation. The desired digital objectives, corporate culture and organizational structure were well mastered after which obstacles to change were effectively addressed. This ensured a smooth implementation of the relevant online domains. Highly recommended for any digital change project.”

Björn Kreijen – Group Director Digital & eCommerce at Boels