Digitally Yours

We are Digital Shapers. Every day, we work to create a future where digital technology and people bring out the best in each other. By embracing technology, we can achieve great things. How? Let us help you with your digital transformation, from inspiration and activation to realization.    

“We make technology relevant to your business and industry. In everything we do, we put people first because they make the difference for organizations with a mission.”

Marelle van Beerschoten, CEO Digital Shapers

“We don’t work with set plans. If you want to connect with the perception of an organization, flexibility in approach is conditional to make a difference.”

Jeroen Rycken – Digital Transformation Manager

“I am energized by the team that opens up and dares to change. That seizes the digital issue with both hands and gets unstuck.”

Maartje Denkers – Digital Transformation Manager

Our mission

We enable people and organizations to strengthen their business strategy, way of working and expertise with digital technology. This allows them to stay ahead and make a positive impact on today’s world. 

Our approach

Our vision

To transform successfully, it turns that the human side is more complicated than choices and implementation around technology itself. We do not underestimate the complexity of data and technology, but we dare to say out loud that people literally hold the key to success in their own hands.  

For many people, breaking ingrained patterns is challenging. It is also difficult to create a defined path for a complex change. No matter how you direct it, you will always encounter unexpected issues along the way. Still, we think people can overcome digital skills gaps. It does require conviction, focus and dedication.

Our inspiration

This is exactly why Digital Shapers focuses on the people of the organization. We know from experience how to give direction to transformation. We can steer, guide and formulate in a structured way why a transformation is important for the organization and thus convince everyone of the urgency. We define what will change at the individual or team level. This is how we make change clear, personal and positive.


People with connecting talents, the forerunners, the translators and the shapers: we need them and therefore make sure they get space. Together, we work on a digital mindset that makes the most of the potential of technological developments. Our Shapers can influence the speed of digital transformation. Not only the result is important here, but also the experiences we gain on the way. This is how we contribute to an engaged and enabling organization. By putting people first, we get the most out of technology.


This is in our DNA

We make an impact
We challenge the current status quo and work from a sense of urgency. In everything we do, we are driven to make a positive impact.  

We connect 
We create an inclusive environment. Through our accessible attitude, we encourage sharing ideas and perspectives. We believe that connection leads to new insights and opportunities.   

We have fun 
We inspire others with our creative ideas and energetic approach. This is how we ensure that work is valuable and above all fun.