Our vision

The Analytics Academyis a partnership between ORTEC, the University of Amsterdam and Digital Shapers. It offers a wide range of education and training programs to build data science capabilities. Through in-house programs in which organizations work on their data maturity and knowledge through a customized program, as well as through open enrolment courses in which participants from various organisations can take part in a fixed program. Our mission is to help organizations and individuals become more data-driven and thereby deliver more value!


The Analytics Academy offers different programs for different audiences: from C-level executives to hardcore data scientists and from Team Leaders to Product Owners. We believe that applying analytics and data science, can help organizations make better choices and work more professionally. Therefore, we offer appropriate courses for all levels and expertises in the company.

Our partners

The Analytics Academy is a collaboration with the Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam, ORTEC and Digital Shapers. This collaboration ensures that we share the latest knowledge and insights from the academic world and that our programs are in line with the dynamics within organizations.

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Our approach

At The Analytics Academy, we strive for the right fit between learning objectives and the context of the organization.

For in-house programs, we jointly design a curriculum and program that perfectly fits the needs of the organization. This is often a combination of training, data projects in practice and activation. In this way we ensure that the knowledge gained can be immediately applied in practice and is safeguarded at the same time. If you want to know more, please visit: https://www.theanalyticsacademy.com/