Change management

Technology has no value if it is not being used. Without proper application, we miss opportunities, and the potential is not realized. This can lead to higher costs through misuse or the loss of motivation, opportunities and even employees. A clear picture of the impact of change is required. What does it mean on an individual level for each employee and how do you facilitate their transition? Change management is about the human side of the transition; your people’s willingness to move along, see opportunities and learn new ways of working. They are the ones who bring the transition to life and can accelerate it.

Our vision

Often, change projects within organizations focus on the technical side. But don’t overlook your people! What will be expected of them in the new situation? And how do you bring them on board? To contribute to a change, employees themselves must also feel the urgency and want to play their part. Good leadership and clear direction are essential for this.  An effective change management strategy therefore creates the foundation for your change and provides everyone with the tools to flourish and develop in the new situation.  

How we help you

We map out the impact of the change on your organization and employees and draw up action plans. Think about the effective deployment of leadership, involving the relevant departments, aligning KPIs and streamlining communication.  

Change management is not only reserved for major transformations. But also, for example, when it comes to working with new systems or making sure an innovation project properly lands in the organization.  

We use proven change methodologies and models such as PROSCI, ADKAR and Kotter, and examine what works best for your organization, together. We assist in determining the change approach, but also give hands-on advice on how best to shape communication or what role leaders have in the change. 

“Ik heb de samenwerking met Digital Shapers ervaren als een goede combinatie van digital én change management expertise. Strategische begeleiding aan de ene kant en hands-on ondersteuning aan de andere kant. Wij hebben hierdoor belangrijke stappen kunnen zetten in onze Digitale Transformatie.”

Maarten Mackaaij – Head of Sales Support bij ERIKS