Digital mindset & capability

Keeping up with digital developments is a challenge. Without an understanding and awareness of opportunities and possibilities, employees do not sufficiently exploit the potential of new technology. Moreover, it often requires new ways of working, different skills and adaptability. It is therefore essential to work on your digital capabilities as well as on a culture in which learning and seeing opportunities are encouraged. With room to develop and fail fast.


We often hear this from our clients: ‘digital should be more part of our DNA‘. The trick is to interpret the task as well as possible. What does ‘digital in the DNA’ mean for a commercial employee? Or what is needed to optimally do your job as a technical installer in a few years’ time? What do we expect from managers or from entry-level employees? A digital mindset has many dimensions. The more sharply defined, the greater the chance that the organization can develop it properly and enjoy it at the same time.

How we help you

Our Shapers help create an adaptive digital mindset and provide a framework in which talent can develop. What is your strategy, what does it require? Where are you now, where do you want to go? Based on a maturity scan, we get a good picture of the current situation. This can be done at departmental level or for the entire organization. With these results in hand, we create – often working with HR and the business – an approach to work on increasing competences and developing mindset. Before and/or after, we use surveys, interviews or scans, for example, to make results measurable. We create and supervise a tailor-made program to initiate the transition and work on the desired results.

“Digital Shapers heeft ons geholpen om digitaal talent beter te begrijpen, om als werkgever nog aantrekkelijker te worden. Met behulp van duidelijke aansturing verliep het project soepel. Met creativiteit, een kritische blik en boordevol energie hebben de Shapers gezorgd voor waardevolle inzichten. We zijn zeer tevreden met het resultaat van de samenwerking.”


Nadine Beister – HR Directeur bij HEMA