Transformation strategy

You know where you want to go. You also know where you are now. But there are so many ways to start and so many switches to flick. Where do you start and which route will lead to success? In short, how do you organize change? The answer lies in your transformation strategy which we help you with. Together, we strip ambition down to concrete and achievable chunks. We structure it, create clear frameworks and principles, and make sure we can measure progress. But above all, we make sure we get moving!


Successful transitions weaves into the fabric of your business and reach much deeper than a few isolated projects. It requires a fundamental thought process to examine how you have worked and operated towards a change in working methods, structures, roles and business models up to now. Often, this also includes the culture. The process from awareness to making the consequences tangible and then step-by-step implementation requires leadership, execution power and a thoughtful course of action that fits the context of your organization.

This is not an everyday occurrence for most organizations. We bring our own experience from previous transitions and help leaders chart a course for change that everyone is eager to join

How we help you

First, let’s check in with each other. What do you want to achieve with a transformation in the short- and longer term? How will you know that it’s successful? Why now? In several working sessions, in which we involve employees, we work together towards a roadmap to achieve transformation. Not a manual, but an approach that offers a comprehensive framework with concrete projects and actions in the short term. Create the road as you walk!

Our shapers are deployed as program managers to structure and shape the transformation. We coach and advise leaders in their roles to initiate and steer the movement. We also help implement several projects successfully. We are often involved in the entire process, but we can also provide support on only specific components or programs within a transition. Our role in this is also flexible; sometimes we take the role of project manager in which we steer progress and delivery and sometimes we take the role of change manager in which we steer adoption and support.

The inspiration journey as a starting point for your (renewed) strategy. Learn more about it!

“Digital Shapers bestaat uit een team van sympathieke en efficiënte mensen. Gedurende het project hebben ze altijd adequaat advies geleverd. De Shapers waren snel up and running wat heel waardevol was voor ons.”

Maarten Mackaaij – Head of Sales Support ERIKS