Inspiration journey

See how others are innovating. Learn from the experts outside and within your industry. Look into the kitchen of the leaders and challengers. Inspiration trip as a starting point for your (renewed) strategy. We do not go to Silicon Valley or China, but find that inspiration in the Netherlands.

What will we do?

Step 1. Inventory strategic themes

In two sessions, we will discuss current issues, trends and themes for your organization. What is the current state of technology. Where are the opportunities? Where do new entrants come from and which sector do you mirror?

Step 2. Compose inspiration trip

We create a proposal with speakers and perspectives and the format of days and/or dayparts. Prior to the trip, we set up an inspiration hub with articles, presentations, podcasts, TED talks and videos within the themes we take on the trip. We will start an app group for introductions, inspiration and pre-trip fun.

Step 3. The inspiration journey

We go out and about. In the physical variant, we meet at an inspiring location; a vibrant start-up gathering building, a European headquarters or the most sustainable building in the Netherlands. In the digital variant, we meet in the Inspiration Room. A mix of top speakers and entrepreneurs will speak. There is plenty of room for interaction and reflection.

Step 4. Recap and maintain

A week after the (late) inspiration day, we present a recap and lessons learned from the trip. We summarize the outcomes of the journey in a slide deck. And make an impetus for ambitions and value propositions. We provide support for implementation to ensure it doesn’t just remain as inspiration.

What does it provide?


Short- and long-term inspiration for the leadership team.


An acceleration in the formation or realization of your Strategy 2025.


Deeper insights on the most important topics for your business.


We translate the insights gained into concrete ambitions and propositions.


A deepening of existing or start-up of new collaborations.


Understanding ecosystem and your organization’s distinctive role within it.


Are you interested? We are happy to think along with you about the interpretation for your organization, please contact us for and intake interview.

“Digital Shapers consists of a team of congenial and efficient people. Throughout the project they always provided adequate advice. The Shapers quickly got to the point which was very valuable.”

Esther van der Velden – Global Marketing Director at Keune Haircosmetics