Shaping Havenbedrijf Rotterdam


Digital mindset

A roadmap for creating the right digital mindset that aligns with the digital strategy

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is committed to sustainability and digitalization. But how could they ensure that employees themselves can identify opportunities in the field of digitalization and convert these ideas into added value for the organization and its partners? This requires a digital mindset and the right skills.

What exactly does that mean for the Port of Rotterdam Authority? We investigated the current and desired digital mindset of the Commercial department and made recommendations on how the department could subsequently develop this desired mindset and required skills.



We started with the desired future in mind. We discussed with various employees which developments they see in the changing playing field, where the sector is heading and what this then means for the organization and the various departments. We then jointly translated what this means for the daily work of employees.

Through the combination of workshops, in-depth interviews, surveys and most importantly in co-creation, we gained insight into what is expected of employees in different functions, now and in the future. The results were compared with the desired digital mindset, providing insight into areas of development.


At the end of this project, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has a clear roadmap for creating the right digital mindset, in line with the digital strategy of the Commercial department.

The plan not only defined the necessary skills and movements to be successful in the future, but also possible details interventions. A distinction was made between different job groups, leadership roles and specific needs. For example, tailored awareness, knowledge development and coaching in the area of data-driven work can be provided. This allows both executives and non-executives to identify opportunities themselves and to convert them into tangible actions.

The collaboration has continued with Digital Shapers helping to flesh out the interventions. We also took the MT of the Commercial Department on an Inspiration Journey to answer how to become more agile and data-driven as an organization.

Want to know more?
Listen to our ShapingDigital Podcast with Matthijs van Doorn

Matthijs van Doorn took the initiative for the digital transformation within the Commercial department. Digital Shapers helped him by defining in co-creation the digital mindset based on requested competencies that fit the vision and strategy of the HbR. This resulted in an approach to increase the digital mindset from leadership to individual level.

Curious how Matthijs van Doorn experienced the collaboration with our Shapers? Listen to it below.

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