Employee engagement

No transition without support. But how do you make sure everyone is on board? With our creative and playful approach, we motivate employees to spot digital developments and opportunities and to play an active role. An effective way to bring and keep your organization up to speed on digital technology, sustainable innovations, and new ways of working.


Learning new things requires adaptability, which is not always easy. Certainly not when several changes take place at the same time or when you are just up to speed in the current way of working. Yet we believe that people are quite capable of embracing change, provided they are properly guided in doing so. So, how do you do that? Simple; make it fun.

By casting new digital themes in the form of games or workshops, employees are not immediately confronted with what they can’t do (yet), but playfully discover new possibilities in a group context.

How we help you

We make change accessible, understandable, and attractive to everyone in the organization. With inspiration sessions, games, workshops and on-the-job coaching, we prepare people for change. This is always tailor-made. We create enthusiasm and provide employees with

the tools to make their own contribution. Our Shapers are accessible and thoughtful. Together, we work on a culture in which a mindset of continuous learning and experimentation is the norm.

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“The involved Shapers were very nice to work with, thought out of the box, had a positive attitude, were easy to reach and were hard workers. They have a huge drive to deliver cool results. They really help you package content in a fun and informative way. In short, I am very excited about Digital Shapers and definitely recommend them!”

Anouk van Dijken– Digital Change Manager at Royal Schiphol Group

“Digital Shapers is able to put together a programme in a short time that is educational, interactive and creative. On the day itself, they take everything off your hands and you can rest assured that the content of the event is right and that there is a “fun” element to it. Thank you!


Kristel Breukers – Talent Development Manager at Pon