Shaping Pon


Digital day

An afternoon program full of workshops and games focused on digital leadership and collaboration for better digital solutions.

During Pon’s two-day IT leadership conference, we provided the afternoon program. The goal of this afternoon was to inspire participants on topics such as strong leadership in digital transformations and promoting technology adoption. We aimed to make participants understand and experience that collaboration is essential for developing effective digital solutions.


We designed a tailored afternoon program. Pon employees participated in four different workshops and games:

  • Workshop about the impact of leadership on the success of a transformation and the role of leadership herein.
  • Workshop about how to prepare colleagues when introducing new tools and apps and create enthusiasm to optimize adoption.
  • A game, The Pon LAB-battle, in which participants had to think in teams about how to collaborate with Pon’s internal labs to come up with new value propositions. The different teams competed for the win in this!
  • During First dates, participants went on speed dates and discussed dilemmas related to digitization and data.


During an energetic afternoon, we creatively took 150 participants through the human aspects of technology. With a mix of education and interactive sessions, it was both light-hearted and informative. Participants gained knowledge about the role of leadership in a digital transformation and ways to promote technology adoption. Organizing all workshops and games as a team effort raised awareness of how collaboration can help create valuable digital solutions. Since the focus was on interaction, this also resulted in an active exchange of opinions and ideas, allowing participants to learn from each other’s experiences.

“Digital Shapers is able to put together a programme in a short time that is educational, interactive and creative. On the day itself, they take everything off your hands and you can rest assured that the content of the event is right and that there is a “fun” element to it. Thank you!


Kristel Breukers – Talent Development Manager at Pon