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Inspiration Journey


Transformation Strategy

With the leadership team, learn how experts outside and inside the industry are innovating.

Under the guidance of a team of Digital Shapers, Mourik Group formulated ‘Strategy 2025’. Unlike the usual strategy plans, this was approached using ‘strategy by doing’. It was important to create support during the process and to put the strategy into action instead of making the final plan sacrosanct. External inspiration was needed to get a good look at opportunities in the future. Preferably as tangible as possible, with a good connection to the reality of what is possible for the company.


For inspiration you do not always have to go to Silicon Valley or China: especially in the Netherlands, there are many innovative examples and opportunities for successful new collaborations. We therefore put together a customized program for Mourik based on current issues, important trends and themes. From startups and experts to inspiring places. Using intensive guidance, an innovation hub full of content, interaction beforehand and evaluations in between, we ensured involved participants and the most concrete results possible; including the formulation of ambitions for the future and new value propositions.


The Inspiration Journey has delivered the following within 6 months:

  • Inspiration for the short and long term
  • An acceleration in the formation of the 2025 strategy
  • Agreement on the importance and content of certain themes, strengthening the support base
  • Insight into the distinctive roles within the ecosystem
  • Specific new value propositions for innovations
  • Cooperation with a start-up
  • New intensive collaboration with a speaker
  • Expansion of collaboration with partner
  • Repetition, deepening of journey at divisional level

“We were already aware of the power of an inspiration trip and this time we chose to do it under the guidance of Digital Shapers. I am very pleased with the professionalism and care of everything down to the last detail. Very interesting speakers, well facilitated, beautiful locations and got incredibly inspired by the varied program. For us, the goal of the trip was to connect. We picked up a number of initiatives upon returning home and now know how to find and support each other.”

Kim Bosman – Director Innovation, Digitalisation and Technology at Woonstad Rotterdam