Digital Escape Room

Do you want to learn about new technology, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality? Do you want to practice new ways of working such as design thinking and data-driven thinking? Or do you want to learn how to get more out of your current systems, such as CRM and Chatbots? Create awareness on digital topics in game form. The Digital Escape Room is fully tailored to your team’s issue and is perfect for a team day.

Create enthusiasm for digital technology with the Digital Escape Room

The concept of an Escape Rooms may be familiar; using various assignments, puzzles and games, you are going to solve a case in teams. We adapt both the case and the assignments to your reality, with the aim of creating awareness on important digital themes or increasing adoption of new or existing systems.

What will you learn?

  • Through various games you will be introduced to the digital themes that we have jointly determined in advance.
  • After the games, we discuss the components. What digital themes have you discovered? How could you apply that in your work? What would be its added value? And what will you do with it after this workshop? In this conversation we make the link to reality.

For who?

  • For teams looking to create awareness around digital issues or increase adoption of digital systems.
  • For all knowledge levels; from practical to highly trained and from beginner to more experienced.
  • For teams within one company, but very suitable to organize together with your chain partners

The success behind this form of work

Learning new things requires adaptability, which is often experienced as exciting. By highlighting new digital themes in game form as well as in a group setting, team members are not directly confronted with what they do not yet know or cannot do, but compete with each other as a team. The playful nature of the Digital Escape Room lowers the threshold for learning new things and creates a safe and above all fun learning experience. This form of work provides the perfect start for a larger program or learning journey.

Wondering how we designed the Digital Escape Room for Airport Community Schiphol?

the Koninklijke Marechaussee found an unattended piece of hand luggage at Schiphol Airport. The bag has been released and delivered to Lost and found. We would like to return the luggage to its owner and need your help in doing so! The traveler can be identified by the hand luggage bag. This is the start of your mission.

After you identify the traveler, by collecting information about the traveler, you can find out the exact location of the owner of the luggage. This way our colleagues at the military police know where to send the luggage!

Follow the traveler’s digital journey, solve the clues and open the safes. Let the digital innovations help you determine the exact location of the traveler and find out who it is.

Will you and your team make sure the luggage gets to the right location as quickly as possible?

Want to know more about the Digital Escape Room?

We are happy to think along with you about the interpretation for your organization, please contact us for an intake interview.

Ze kijken per situatie: wat specifiek nodig is. Zetten de mens echt centraal en zijn creatief in hoe ze nieuwe oplossingen laten ervaren.

Simone van Neerven – Innovation Director bij Vueling