Human Evolution vs Technological Development

19 september 2018  |  16:00 – 18:00 uur  |  Amsterdam

Human evolution vs technological development: can we remain human?

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence forces us to constantly adapt to a new status quo. Can humans keep pace, or are we losing a part of ourselves because of the constant change?

Increasingly, repetitive tasks are being taken over by AI-powered robots. This paves the way for humans, to start doing more humane work, in which empathy, creativity and broad problem-solving skills are important. In the future, however, it is realistic that robots will also be able to perform empathic tasks better than humans. Will we then be able to distinguish ourselves again? And will we be satisfied with the role left for us? This raises questions about whether the way we work and consume is still our natural behavior, or whether we merely behave as the latest technological development requires of us.

In this edition of #ShapingDigital, we talked about technological development, and the human ability to constantly adapt. What is the role of human behavior in a society where robots, humans and AI work together?