Workshop Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a practical and creative way of working to devise solutions and accelerate innovation. The method is used for both large complex issues, such as sustainability, to smaller challenges such as making adjustments to products or services and developing new propositions.

An innovation model centered on customer needs

Want to learn a way of thinking that fits the ever faster changing customer demand? Get acquainted with Design Thinking through our short workshop (about 2 hours) or through our Innovation Challenge (course of about 2 months).

Short workshop

In this workshop we will take you through the theory of Design Thinking in about 2 hours and you will practice the first two principles: Empathize and Define. This workshop is very suitable to use as a program component of a team day.

Looking for a Design Thinking workshop to develop real-life propositions and/or creative solutions to accelerate with your team? Then meet our Innovation Challenge.

Innovation Challenge

We take you through the 5 principles of Design Thinking based on a current issue within your organization. You will combine insights from data to get to the heart of the problem. You will include the interests of stakeholders and end users in the design process, so you can make choices that add value for all stakeholders. You will create a prototype that you can then test in practice and end up with a promising, if not proven, proposition.

The Innovation Challenge consists of a kick-off and a number of return sessions in which we guide your team in the principles of design thinking. These workshops are spread over approximately 2 months.

What will you learn?

  • How to focus on the problem rather than the solution
  • How to use this method to solve complex issues
  • How to interview stakeholders and what to look out for
  • How to come up with creative solutions based on research
  • Problem solving, creative thinking and collaboration
  • We tailor the content to your specific needs at hand.

Principles of Design Thinking

Design Thinking focuses on the needs of the user. The method aims to analyze problems thoroughly before then coming up with the best possible solution. Opportunities and challenges are first precisely defined so that an overarching goal can be worked on together. Design Thinking is an iterative nonlinear process and consists of five principles: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.