Shaping Mourik Group





Developing a successor to the earlier Route ’25 strategy, expanding the responsibility of leaders within Mourik. 

Mourik is a multidisciplinary service provider offering comprehensive solutions for infrastructure projects and solutions and maintenance in industry. Mourik wants to remain a leader and respond to opportunities arising in the fast-growing market. Digital Shapers has guided Mourik in arriving at a group-wide strategy in which the sustainability transition plays an important role. Our approach has led to better cooperation within the organization, more agility and the fact that innovation and sustainability are now high on the agenda.  

Because the collaboration for Route’25 was so successful, we are currently drafting the successor for the next 5 and 10 years ahead. An assignment that involves our entire approach and various areas of expertise. Because in addition to forming the strategy, change on an organizational and individual level is essential for success. 


We designed a process in which the responsibility of the people of Mourik is central. For Mourik it is important that the strategy is created in co-creation and that colleagues recognize themselves in the strategy. Therefore, we share knowledge from external sources of inspiration, while leaving room for years of internal expertise.

We start by increasing knowledge around different transitions. We discuss which future scenario Mourik thinks is realistic, how they want to operate in it (passive, reactive or proactive) and what Mourik’s world needs in this scenario. After clear choices have been made, we move towards a vision and mission to subsequently formulate strategic objectives and ambitions on key themes. We then organize various sessions, such as transition sessions and speechmaker arenas, so that colleagues at different levels can share what they see happening at clients and better understand the impact of the strategy on their work.

In addition to guiding the strategy development process, we support Mourik in the area of change management. The process requires both individual and organizational changes, with specific new responsibilities for leaders in the organization. In this way, we discuss the future position of Mourik, leadership development and desired transitions that the organization wants to undergo.


The end result is a concise strategy with clear and measurable goals, summarized in just 10 slides. This vision is explained with various communication tools tailored to different target groups. This gives management the levers they need to get to work in the coming years on communicating the strategy and thereby also being able to properly support their employees in implementing it.   

Major developments such as the energy transition, water management, digitalization and sustainability require an organization to constantly anticipate, adapt and be ahead of the rest. Therefore, we continuously make colleagues in the organization aware of the urgency of their own behavioral and role changes so that Mourik can continue to adapt itself in the future. Throughout the project, communication is therefore central to ensure that leaders actively and visibly encourage strategy changes among their management and teams.