Shaping DHM Infra




Change management

Theme Day Digital Transformation and Sustainability 

DHM Infra is committed to smart mobility, nature-inclusive infrastructure and healthy urban living. They believe in a sustainable future, with the use of digital technology. Creating opportunities around the current themes of sustainability and digital transformation requires awareness. DHM Infra therefore asked Digital Shapers to give substance to their interactive internal knowledge event ‘DHM Quarterly’.

DHM Infra


We put together a customized one-day program to inspire and make participants aware of their contributions to DHM Infra’s digital transformation.

A sample of the program:

  • Keynote digital transformation: What is it and what drives it?
  • Panel discussion: In conversation with chain partners about digital developments in the sector
  • Workshop: Social impact with technology
  • A workshop in which participants identified opportunities in relation to relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for DHM.
  • Presentation & FutureCV assignment: What are relevant digital skills and how do you keep developing?


The first step to change is creating urgency and awareness. Afterwards, participants had a better understanding of digital transformation and their role in it, both within DHM Infra and their client organizations. DHM Infra employees now have tools to give further substance to DHM’s sustainable and digital ambitions.