Artificial Intelligence & Privacy

13 june 2018  |  16:00 – 18:00 uur  |  Amsterdam

‘Privacy rules dampen the evolution of Artificial Intelligence ‘. Is this true or not and what are the implications?

We recently looked at the battle between the United States and Russia over AI, with several experts claiming that AI will increasingly determine the winners on an international scale. China is applying AI on a social scale: by developing a social credit system. Using credit scoring, ranking and especially a lot of private data, citizens can get involved in constantly scoring and evaluating behavior.

Back home, we are in the midst of GDPR implementation and discussion of the “drag law. We are trying to protect our data as much as possible. For artificial intelligence to be intelligent, that’s exactly what data requires. We can condemn what China is doing, but what is the consequence for us? No other country collects as much data as China. Aren’t we in danger of falling behind in international competitiveness and technological development?

In this edition of #ShapingDigital, we discussed the dilemma between AI and privacy and the importance of data. We inspired participants with a crash course on the basics of AI and Machine Learning, privacy and security. Led by our Shapers, we discussed real-life applications and possible implications for participating companies.