Workshop Getting Started with Data

Data is fun and becomes even more fun when you understand what you can do with it. Data research is still often seen as complicated and reserved only for data analysts and IT, but nothing could be further from the truth. Data plays an increasingly important role in all departments of an organization and makes an essential contribution to achieving goals. Teams that understand how to use data to their advantage can improve, innovate and accelerate.

How can data contribute to strategic issues?

To research that, it is first necessary to be able to think in data. In this data workshop, we teach you how to set up a data study. Your organization’s strategic issue is the starting point. You can think about increasing customer loyalty, saving costs or collaborating on data exchange.

Data Workshop

What will you do?

In this workshop, you will formulate hypotheses around the strategic issue. Then we will peel off the issue step-by-step and explore how data can be used to contribute to the issue, for example:

  • What would you want to know in order to contribute to the objective?
  • What forms of data sources could you consult?
  • What impact could this data have on your objective?

What will you learn?

By the end of the workshop, you will understand the impact of data on strategic issues and have ideas about potential research that could be valuable.

  • You will be introduced to the basics of data science
  • You learn what your role is in data-driven research and work
  • You will learn to formulate hypotheses and learn which different data sources you can consult
  • You learn how to use data not only to learn from the past but also to make predictions
  • You learn how you can contribute to business results with data-driven work

For who?

  • Teams and departments that want to work more data-driven and learn how to start a data-driven survey.
  • We are used to customizing the workshop to any level and coordinate the intended outcomes with you in advance.
  • This workshop is combined with a lecture on artificial intelligence, data science and data-driven work. The theory discussed is then applied in the Creative Data Workshop.

Follow-up workshop: A day in the life of a data scientist

Want to take the next step after this workshop? Get an even better understanding of the work of data specialists. In this workshop ‘A day in the life of a data scientist’ you will get to work with a real dataset. Please contact us for more information.

Learn more about the Creatieve Data Workshop?

Are you interested? We are happy to think along with you about the interpretation for your organization, please contact us for and intake interview.