Digital twinning technology

Episode 32

37 min. 07 sec

Tiago Brasser

EQUANS is the market leader in technical services in the Netherlands. The company helps its clients in utilities, industry and government with design, installation, building management and advice. In the construction industry technological developments follow each other rapidly and terms like ‘Digital Twinning’ appear more and more often. A digital twin is a 3D model that records ‘building data’ and thus provides insight into the condition and energy consumption of a building, among other things. Under the leadership of Tiago Brasser, Building Information Modeling (BIM) consultant, EQUANS has been working with digital twinning technology for several years. Tiago is therefore the perfect person to tell us more about how this technology contributes to data-driven working and the digital transformation within EQUANS.

We speak to Tiago about the benefits of and challenges associated with a digital twinning technology such as BIM, how to get employees on board, and the importance of experimentation and leadership in creating a data-driven culture.