Digitale innovation – don’t let it slow you down!

14 januari 2021  |  16:00 – 18:00 uur  |  Amsterdam

COVID-19 has accelerated many digital transformations. Digital tools that had been available for some time have been adopted at a rapid pace and in large numbers. The best example is video conferencing tooling.

However, internal adoption of digital innovation is not always as rapid as desired. When there is no pandemic to make urgency clear, how do you get employees to move?

The success of digital innovations is often hampered by lack of internal support. One unwittingly spends more time convincing people, than on the innovation itself.

On Thursday, January 14, 2021, we sat down with a unique group of leaders to discuss experiences in this area. What works, and what doesn’t?

Lodewijk Lockefeer, CFO of Zeelandia, introduced the discussion with a personal experience. Especially now it is necessary to innovate quickly. How do you make sure your own organization does not get in the way of this?