Data-driven Business Manager

19 september 2019  |  16:00 – 18:00 uur  |  Amsterdam

What role do you play in the evolution to a data-driven organization? That leveraging data and making data-driven decisions have become important in every industry, no one is surprised anymore. Also, dismissing every thought about what relevant data is and labeling every analysis of it as “a problem that IT will solve” is out of date. Anno 2019, managers are no longer separate from the technology they use, and the data that is collected and deployed. Yet it is a challenge for many managers to understand exactly what data-driven work means, and exactly what role the Business Manager plays in data research.

We shared experiences during this inspiration session with decision makers from different sectors and reflected together on the following questions:

  • How do you ensure an optimal ratio between technical knowledge and business-specific knowledge?
  • What skills do you need for this?
  • What concepts do you need to understand?
  • And if you are ready, how do you ensure that people come along in the development, and make data-driven work part of your DNA?