Data & Platforms

16 april 2019  |  16:00 – 18:00 uur  |  Amsterdam

Data & Platforms – every company, a data company

In recent years, it has often been shouted that data is the new oil. After all, with sufficient, relevant data, business processes can be improved and new business models developed. Data can even create the power to use artificial intelligence to bend the market to your will. But how do you get data?

The platform model stands or falls with data
Although when we think of platforms we immediately think of Uber or Airbnb, the (digital) platform model is increasingly being introduced by traditional companies and in traditional markets. This is taking a central role in the ecosystem. The platform thus acts as an open digital infrastructure, connecting independent parties and exchanging information. Based on the underlying data collected, the business model is optimized. That this can be a winning strategy is demonstrated by the success of platforms such as Uber, Bol.com and Amazon.

For every business?
If data is the new gold and the platform model is the ultimate way to collect data, should every company pursue its own platform? Moreover, under what conditions are you willing to contribute to and benefit from existing platforms? What data inside or outside the ecosystem is relevant, and when does it make sense to share data? How do you ensure a change in mindset: from control of your own data to open ecosystems?

In this #ShapingDigital we joined ORTEC Data Science, decision makers from various sectors and Shapers to discuss the role of platforms in collecting data and the challenges companies face in doing so.